Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Show Me Your Muscles!

This may have totally been coincidental, but he was doing it all through lunch, so I figured I'd see if I could catch it on camera!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bed Head

Collin has taken to sleeping on his tummy, and his nose, and is hands and any other position other than his back. This is often what we see when we get him out of bed.
We have been giving Collin lots of new tastes. He's quite efficient at feeding himself whatever I put on his tray. Some of his favorites are peaches, peas, green beans and potatoes (a true momma's boy!) But here is a short video of his first taste of lemonade.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


That was my response when Trevor said "What do you think about moving to Washington?" My parents started their early marriage years in Seattle, and I'd made a few trips there growing up and I always liked the state. Not to mention a move would mean I could quit my job, which I wasn't enjoying and stay home with my growing baby. My answer was quick "I like Washington!" The months from when we decided we were moving until we actually did were hard. Trevor was traveling a lot, which means Collin and I missed him a ton. Work wasn't getting any better, in fact in my mind it seemed to grow exponentially more difficult each day. And I found myself constantly reassuring friends and family that we were making a good choice and there was no need to worry. But the time finally came when I left work behind, packed up our belongings and hit the road. I cried as we pulled away from our home. OUR HOME. The first one we ever had. The place we came to rest, where we ate and prayed together. The place where we became a family. Collin's first home.
from the frontIn the back yard
Washington is grey. Often. Although we live on the east side of the state and the grey is significantly less than the coast (Thanks Heavens) it was a struggle for me. I've debated sharing this, I don't want to give people the wrong impression, but it was hard being here. Our routine was all messed up, I wasn't used to being with Collin all day and Trevor's schedule was completely unpredictible. I felt so lonely. I called my mom and sisters several times a day just to have someone to talked to. BUT things did settle down. It didn't take long to swing into full-time Mommy mode and I can say now, I've never been happier.

I have to give props to some of the ladies in my family. I was so anxious about moving, even though I knew it was for the best. I was comfortable in Benson and wasn't ready to give that up. My parents were in the Army and moved every couple of kids. When they settled in Twin Falls they were expecting me...#6. Mom I admire you that even more. My sisters, Kim and Becki, moved across the country and back with children in tow as well. My brother and his wife have done the same. But I think Juli, takes the cake. She and her husband Shon who works in the Oil Industry have lived in Louisiana, Texas(2 times), New Mexico, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada and Australia! It made my move, just one state away, manageable. At least I wasn't moving across the biggest ocean into a time zone with more than a 24 hour difference from home.

My point is, this move has helped me and blessed me in so many was already. I appreciate family and friends more than ever. Trevor and I, already close, are that much closer. Collin is growing like a weed, and I get to see it all. The new business venture is turning out to be successful as we had faith it would. My life is good, and I love it.
But who wouldn't?