Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little up date

Sorry for the non-commitment to the blog lately. I always think..."oh, I'll do it later" Later is finally here. Since the last time you read....

My cousin Natalie and her husband came for a visit, and we floated the beautiful Bear River, it was a blast! (anyone is welcome to come try it, of course in the winter, might not be as fun, but I'll promise you some awesome tubing over the frozen river/swamp by our house)

Trevor's sister Randi got married! Yey! we love Devin, he fits in just perfectly.

My friend Melissa got married! Jake is a great guy, and I'm thrilled to see my friend so happy!

Trevor and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary at a fabulous hotel in the SLC area, it was so much fun, I think we'll do it every year!

Trevor's sister Deslie got engaged to Milo, we are so excited for them and can't wait to hit Vegas for their wedding in the Las Vegas temple.

My sister Juli Robinson ran her second marathon and set a new personal best by 15 minutes!

I'm so proud of her, it was very inspiring. I thought, maybe I'll try it too (not the whole 26.2 miles of course, but part of it. After my first day of "training" I changed my mind! Now Juli and her cute fame are off to Aussie land, yup they have moved to Brisbane, not so far from the zoo that was run by Steve Irwin, still sad he died, by the way.

Cameras still no cooperating, sorry no pics.