Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new cousin

When I was expecting Collin I was a little worried that he wasn't going to have any cousins to play with. Thankfully my sister Becki, my cousin Natalie and Trevor's sister Randi decided to join in the baby game.
Miss Mia was born in March and is an answer to so many prayers, we are thrilled to have her.
Russell came 3 weeks before Collin.
And just a few weeks ago we went to Idaho to meet Paislyn

First Trip to The Valley

In July we took a trip to visit the Thomas family in Colorado. We had so much fun visiting and playing with everyone.

Collin got a chance to wear his new boots and overalls.
Uncle Marvin let him ride one of the ponies at The Celebration
(he didn't think it was all that fun, maybe when he'a a little older)
Trevor took Collin fishing.
Uncle Travis took Collin for a ride in the truck
Collin and Grandma watching Trevor, Grandpa and Uncle Devin halter break our colt Ty

Grandma and Aunt Randi watched Collin so Trevor and I could go watch Uncle Milo in the demolition derby
After spending so much time in the car, Collin felt he was ready to take the wheel. He's growing up so fast.