Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 27, 2009

My economic plan

The times that we live in are no doubt challenging. As the economy moves forward in its current condition many of us struggle to make up the difference in our personal budgets and lifestyles. The government has come up with various plans to help or stimulate things. For example, last year’s stimulus check, $600 given to me to help me with my financial woes and to encourage a trip to the mall, which in turn would stimulate the economy. Brilliant. Did it go in savings? Did it go to the mall? I don’t know…but I do know that I have to claim it on my tax return this year, decreasing my rebate by the aforementioned $600.

Thank you for giving me money I did not ask for, want or even need without clearly explaining the terms. Be sure to read the fine print.

Another example the 2008 first time home buyer $7,500 credit. What an incentive to buy a home! $7,500 dollars to fix up the home, or even, if you wish pay of other debts, what ever you want, its your money! Seventy-five hundred dollars! Wahoo! *the 2008 first time home buyers credit should be considered as a interest free loan which will be paid back over a period of 15 years at $500 per year. Now, the reward for being brave and weathering the rocky times, buying a home, actively participating in the economy despite the difficulties; 7500 dollars of debt. Come on, lets take it for what it is, DEBT, interest free or not.

Here is my plan

Trevor, who works so hard to bridge the gap in our budget, because of what he does, we have a nice home, cars that work and a bright and promising future. No one, with any amount of money can top that. (Not to mention the 8 cows and two horses he brought into the marriage along with his amazingly upbeat and positive attitude.)

Mom and Dad, who did a fab job raising me, teaching me to work, to fulfill my obligations, to think, to study, to learn, to cook, clean, sew and garden, for encouraging me to get educated and helping me do it; and for also teaching me how to save, budget and spend wisely, among thousands of other things.

My sibs, who set a good example, are always willing to lend an ear, and offer good, impartial advice in any situation.

My in-laws, Wayne and Debbie who helped Trevor become the man he is, who welcomed me into their family with open arms, without question or prejudice, who are always supportive and willing to lend a hand.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our inspired leaders for warning, cautioning and helping us prepare for these perilous times.

Thanks to the government for trying to bring me down, I mean help me during these economic woes by offering thousands of dollars of debt.

Despite your efforts, my plan is better than yours.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Do you talk in your sleep?

That is a question that is hard to know the answer to. After all, you only know if you talk in your sleep when someone has said you do, and then you have to question the honesty of the person telling you.

Trevor talks in his sleep. Only his sleep talking usually involves more than talking. If you don't believe me ask any one of his six other family members, they'll back me up on this. Some nights he just mumbles or gets out a few words, this I barely wake for anymore. At times he'll moan and kind of growl at something (a light back rub and a soothing sh sh sh, keeps that from exploding in to anything) but often times he'll sit up in bed or even get out of bed acting out some crazy dream.

For example:
On our honeymoon, Trevor sits on the side of the bed and sighs, I ask "Whats are you doing?"
T-"I have to go to work."
A-"No you don't"
T-"Uh, I think so"
A-"But babe, we're in Colorado"
T-"But they came and told me I need to"
Long Pause
T-"Well maybe not"
To which he laid back down and quickly fell back asleep

Or there was the time he jumped out of bed, and flipped on the light insisting we needed to get up...at 1 am.

But I think last night is my favorite.

It was probably around 4 am. I'm peacefully sleeping, and I hear "Oh Piss" and Trevor darts up to his knees.
Now you think after 6 months of this I'd get the idea by now that Trevor is asleep, but nope, I respond in a slight panic "What? What's the matter?"
To which Trevor replies, "slide behind me" Then, he stretches his hands into the air like he's reaching for something.
A- I'm confused, and laughing at Trevor reaching up for nothing and I say "What? Why?"
Trevor says, "everything is falling."
I roll my eyes and my body "no its not, its just a dream." A few minutes pass, Trevor is leaning forward and he says "Um...your on my foot" (somehow his foot ended up under my knee) I move my legs so he can lay back down. A few more minutes pass, Trevor hasn't stopped moving, so I ask him,"Are you ok?"
"I just can't believe that was all a dream"

Morning comes, he remembers...nothing, except that I was on his foot.