Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you entitled?

Do you wait too long in the grocery line? Is Customer Service serving you enough? Do people treat you badly?

Self-entitlement has been on my mind a lot lately. One Sunday a Sunday School teacher pointed out how much the world has the attitude entitlement, and maybe not so much on self-reliance. Since then, I see it everywhere.

Like the guy at Wal-mart, who was banned from the property and nearly arrested, because he refused to show his receipt when asked. Why did he refuse? good question, he hadn't stolen anything or even done anything wrong, he simply felt he should not have to do it, and would not.

Or even the time I missed a payment and wanted the late fee waived. True story, I wasn't totally aware of when the payment was due, and because of that, I shouldn't have to pay right?...which now, makes no sense.

The story I heard recently, which really made me think, was about a neighborhood somewhere in Utah that had several homes damaged (broken windows, cracks in the siding etc) from an explosion at a refinery nearby. So sad, I know I would be furious, heartbroken... The refinery was up and working now, but the homes weren't fixed. Everyone was mad. I remember one person being interviewed saying "no one has even come by to see how we're doing" again, tragic situation, and I don't mean to downplay the tragedy, I really do feel badly for these frustrated home owners,
BUT when the Teton Dam broke in 1976 and my grandparents home was completely washed away my Grandpa said... "We'll start over. We did it before, we'll do it again." Grandpa was not young at the time, it was hard work, but that is just what he did, started over without complaint.
I want to be like that.