Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A portion of November

We went to Twin Falls for Thanksgiving and spent some time with my family. We are missing one camera and the memory card from the other, so we only have our phones which equals not many pictures.
We watched Dallin's and Landon's wrestling match and Collin couldn't resist taking a turn on the mat, Trevor was happy to jump on with him. 
A bunch of my family went to the Boise State game just after  Thanksgiving.  Trevor and I had left Collin so many times we decided we didn't want to leave him again and took him with us, you can see he did great!

Dallin and Becki and the game.  Becki was on crutches and hopped all the way up to our seats which were not far from the top! She's my hero.

Trevor and Collin infront of the smurf turf at the end of the game

This is probably one of my new favorite pictures.  This is what I often get when I ask Collin for a kiss!  He's such a stinker and growing way way to fast.