Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 17, 2011


Actually, I don't feel very settled at all.  I guess this place just doesn't feel like home yet.  Don't mistake my tone, I do like it here.  Its a fun little town.  The land scape is far different from anything I've seen, yet alone lived in and I'm finding it surprisingly hard to adjust to.  But I'm sure I will.

Agri-Service is getting ready to build a new store here in Roosevelt and bought some property that had a home on it.  So for now that's where we're staying so Trevor can oversee the building process.  Hopefully soon we'll find our own place, but we're grateful to have this wonderful place to stay now.  I finally found the cameras but the batteries are dead, so once they're charged will do a photo tour or something.

We spend a lot of our free time exploring the surrounding area.  The scenery changes quickly, go north for 30 min and it turns into a beautiful forrest area, with lots of wildlife and fishing and camping areas, go east 30 min and you run into some high country desert with loads of prairie dogs.  To the west green mountain landscapes, although that may be a little farther.  Its kind of fun having so many different places to visit in just a short drive.

We're probably going to try to go camping this weekend if the weather will hold, if anyone wants to come and join us, please do, we'd love to have some company!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A post from the phone

So we are here in Roosevelt Utah and have been for a few weeks. I still don't have Internet, but should be getting it this week. I promise I'll post as soon as a do and share some great stories and pictures. I know you are all dying to see them!