Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


At the beginning of May, Trevor and I were able to go on our first ever cruise!  Trevor and the team of guys we work with up here have been working really hard and because of all that hard work we were able to go on this trip!  I'm so grateful to have a husband who works so hard and provides such wonderful opportunities.

 this is the lobby inside the boat right in the center

 One of my favorite things about the cruise, beside the wonderful food and comfy beds,  was the room service.  Each day after we came back to our rooms to get ready for dinner, our bed was made for us, and after we returned from dinner the bed was turned down, ready for us to jump in and sleep.  Each night the stewards had created a different animal out of the towels. the monkey was my favorite

we guessed Elephant
Of course we spent a lot of time just lounging in the sun, we got a little rosy, but too bad or painful!

And each night was a magnificent sun set

We did some fun things off the boat as well, lots of snorkeling and a little sight seeing.

Me after an afternoon driving around on dusty roads
We had such a good time, and it was great to just get to spend some time together.  We went with some of the guys Trevor is working with and it was fun to get to know them and their wives better as well.  Collin stayed with his cousin Paislyn, his aunts Jordan and Randi and Uncle Devin.  He was well taken care of and didn't seem to miss us at all.  We were glad he was so well taken care of Thanks to Jordan Randi and Devin for that! I would recommend anyone who get the chance to go on a cruise!