Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's what we've been up to...

Watching lots of football
Going to Church

Celebrating Halloween

Eating some solid food
And lots of smiles!
Do you see the two little teeth that popped up overnight?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

For those who only see the Grumpy face!

Collin loves to watch Trevor. He is always trying to copy his faces and sounds. Its adorable.

Trevor is also teaching Collin to love football. Go Gators!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new cousin

When I was expecting Collin I was a little worried that he wasn't going to have any cousins to play with. Thankfully my sister Becki, my cousin Natalie and Trevor's sister Randi decided to join in the baby game.
Miss Mia was born in March and is an answer to so many prayers, we are thrilled to have her.
Russell came 3 weeks before Collin.
And just a few weeks ago we went to Idaho to meet Paislyn

First Trip to The Valley

In July we took a trip to visit the Thomas family in Colorado. We had so much fun visiting and playing with everyone.

Collin got a chance to wear his new boots and overalls.
Uncle Marvin let him ride one of the ponies at The Celebration
(he didn't think it was all that fun, maybe when he'a a little older)
Trevor took Collin fishing.
Uncle Travis took Collin for a ride in the truck
Collin and Grandma watching Trevor, Grandpa and Uncle Devin halter break our colt Ty

Grandma and Aunt Randi watched Collin so Trevor and I could go watch Uncle Milo in the demolition derby
After spending so much time in the car, Collin felt he was ready to take the wheel. He's growing up so fast.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Collin is already a month old! I can't believe how big he's getting. In his newborn pictures he seems so small! He is spending a little more time awake and showing us his adorable smile. Every once in a while we'll even get a laugh from him. Here he is on his first outdoor trip. Thanks Uncle Travis for lending Collin the awesome white sunglasses!We blessed him on the 4th of July and it was such a great experience. This outfit was worn by Trevor and Grandpa Wayne, along with several other Thomas relatives.We had loads of family here, and it was so much fun having everyone over.Collin, Cousin Mia and second cousin RussellThe rest of the wild gang (minus Josh, Emmett, Grant and Henry) wow that's a lot of kidsIt was so much fun to have my sisters around (we missed you Kendra and Emily, and I'm sorry that you aren't in this picture Lindsay)Brother A came from Arkansas (ok, he happened to be visiting anyway, but it was fun to have him here, we've really missed him since he moved away)Trevor's family from Colorado came too(who I sadly don't have many pictures of) Here is Great-Grandma Annette with Collin, 3rd Great for grandma, but 1st great boyHere is a sad excuse for a 4 generation picture, Trevor, Grandma Debbie, Great Grandma Annette and Collin, it was just before the Thomas family headed out the door. As usual, I leave everything tot he last minute.I just put this picture in cause I like it.

We are doing great, I've been blessed with a speedy recovery, an adorable son and countless friends and family that are more than willing to jump in and help out. I'm so grateful to everyone for all the love and support we've felt/received.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Collin's Entry

It was June 7th 2010, and I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Trevor and I were at the Dr.'s office hoping he'd just send us right over to the hospital to get this show on the road. I was tired, physically, mentally and emotionally and I was ready to be done being pregnant. (I really struggled having to listen to everyone's comments about my body, like "you look huge" or "you're still here" all things I'm sure are meant with good intentions, but I just found annoying and discouraging. I have to say, my friend Jessica always had uplifting things to say, like "you are so cute!" or "I'm so excited for you!" much better route to take with a grumpy pregnant woman, but I digress...Our Dr. informed us that Logan Regional Hospital has a policy, no inductions for first time pregnancy's before 41 weeks without a medical reason. I tried my best to have high blood pressure, or something but alas I was fit as a fiddle and we would simply have to wait until this baby was ready to come. so we scheduled an induction for a week later and set out to wait...

After work I came home and settled on the couch, like normal and waited for Trevor while I rested. At about 7:30 I figured Trevor was close to home and I should get some dinner started, so I got my large body off the couch and headed for a quick trip to the bathroom. Just before I got there, my water broke. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened. The nurse told us, very few women actually have the water break on their own so I was a little shocked. Once I convinced myself that was indeed my water, I got to my phone and called Trevor. Fortunately he was close, just coming through the canyon, I think my exact words were, "You might want to hurry, I think my water just broke." To which he replied "...are you serious? OK, I'll be there in a minute."

I felt calm. I think I was still in shock, or maybe just preparing myself for the unknown. I gathered the last few items we need for our bag and waited for Trevor to come get me. Thirty minutes later we were on our way to the hospital. My friend Lacy, who was due less than a week after me sent me a text asking how my Dr. appointment that morning had gone, I told her it went well, but we were on our way to the hospital right now. My sister-in-law called me and told me she had been thinking about me and just wanted to see how I was doing. I love that they were both so on the ball and knew I was going to have that baby soon!

I wasn't having contractions, so the started me on Pitocin a few hours after we got all checked in and hooked up. Around 11:3o or 12 I started to feel them, but they weren't too bad. We had to turn the Pitocin up quite a bit before they got good and hard and by 2 am I was ready for my epidural. In my opinion the labor part wasn't too bad, because I didn't have to deal with it for that long. We watched a movie, Trevor caught a few zzz, but I didn't because the nurses were coming in a lot to check on me.

I wasn't progressing very quickly so it took until 11:45 the next morning before we were ready to start pushing. At 2:30 we were still pushing. I was exhausted, I hadn't slept in over 24 hours. Collin was posterior (facing up), but not even totally straight up. He never got very low, he just wasn't making it down through my hips. Finally Dr. Fowers came in and we talked about our options. He said we could try a forceps delivery but because Collin was still so high it was kind of risky and would probably do a lot of damage to my body and a c-section would probably be better. I was so ready to be done, and quickly agreed to the last option.

I can't believe how quickly the room filled with people once Dr. Fowers said c-section. Extra Dr's and nurses. My epidural was cranked up and I was numb from my arms down, but 30 mins later Collin was out.

A c-section is a strange sensation. Collin was wedged in my hips so there was a lot of tugging and pulling and then a wonderful lack of pressure. I could hear Collin squawking is the best word for it, I remember thinking, there's a baby over there. When the Dr. showed him to me I thought "That's a monster" I was really out of it for the next day or so. I'm sure it was complete exhaustion and an overdose of medication and who knows what else. I kept throwing up, and I couldn't sleep...it was a long couple of days, but I got better and Collin did well, and a few days later, the Dr.'s let us come home where my mom was waiting to take care of us. We miss you mom!

We are still doing well, settling into a routine and just enjoying being parents.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

He's here!

Collin Wayne Thomas9lbs 6 oz
21 inches
born by c-section after 3 hours of pushing!
He's perfectly healthy, happy and large!
I'm doing really well, healing quickly, and learning the ins and outs of motherhood. Trevor is a pure natural. He stepped up and took great care of Collin while I was out of it and unable to get out of bed.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Whats in a name?

I'm sure many of you have been patiently waiting for me to announce our little bundle has arrived, but alas, we are still waiting, but not so patiently. As the day seems to move farther and farther away and my tummy makes the same move outward, I find myself thinking a lot about his name to be.

1. are people going to hate it? This is part of the reason I've rarely mentioned the name to people and I'm still hesitant to say it out loud even as close as we are, what if people give me that look like "Oh dear, that's an awful name, but I can't let my face show it!" no matter how good you are, you cannot hide that split second of dread that crosses your face when a name is announced. Hopefully all growing up he won't get that look that says "your parents named you what?"

2.How much I hate hearing to the comment "Oh like... Or "That reminds me of..." One person I told even said, "a spoiled rich kid" All things I'm sure I am SO guilty of.

3. I hope he doesn't hate it

4. the biggest of them all, the spelling. I know several people who have had to deal with unique spellings or a name that has a million spellings such as my own. My parents named me Ashlee, with two e's and no y. Which I have always liked not having a y in my name, it felt unique, like my own name and not just a name for the masses, (which of course Ashlee is, its rare that there isn't a co-worker, friend or ward member with my same name) but I cannot tell you how much of my life I've spent saying, "I'm Ashlee a-s-h-l-e-e" even then I still get Ashley, Ashele, Ashlie, Ashleigh, Ashli...the list goes on and on. who knew one name could be spelled so many ways. Its awkward sometimes to correct people, so I often don't say anything, especially when its not a legal/important document, but when I see Ashley Thomas I always think...who is that? I'm Ashlee Thomas. So that is the last thing I want my children to have to deal with.

Trevor has had the same name in mind since before we were expecting. He ran across it in the temple when his sister Randi got married and it's stuck to him like glue. Over time I've grown used to it, and it feels like his name, and I'm so excited to meet him, sooner rather than later I hope.

Stay tuned, the next time you hear from me, it will be with pictures of our baby.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

a request for pictures

Yesterday I went to visit my cousin Natalie for her baby shower. She and Tyler are going to have a baby about 3 weeks before Trevor and I are, so we have lots of fun together. Nat and Tyler live just a few minutes away from Antelope Island, so we headed out there just in time for the sunset.

These are some of the only pictures I've taken since the belly has filled out. I'm only posting these for those who are far away and don't get to see me, not because I love them.

I got a huge chuckle out of this next picture, please excuse the unpainted toes, they are a little hard to reach.

It was so pretty out on the island. I had to take like 10 pictures to get a semi-serious picture of Trevor. He's always making some strange face or picking lint out of his belly button or something. I love his face goofy or serious. This is his revenge because I took so many pictures of him.

The lake was calm, and there were some pretty awesome skipping rocks. Trevor of course was awesome at it, and I laughed really hard watching Natalie, until I saw pictures of me doing it. I'm going to pin it on the pregnant body. Here is a pretty awesome video. Trevor tried to skip this same rock, but mine was better.

Here are a few more pictures, just for fun.

The buffalo moved right as I snapped this one, its kind of a cool ghostly picture

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grandchild #16

I mentioned before that Trevor and my baby would be grandchild #16 on the Patterson side of the family, but I am happy to announce, he won't be.

I would like you to meet....Amelia Kate Kendrick
She snuck into line a few weeks ago, and we are more than thrilled to have her. She was born a little early, so she is pretty small, but she is a fighter and is gaining weight like crazy! Way to go Mia! Congratulations to Beck, Jer and Ethan! We are so excited for you! (and us, we were getting a little boy crowded, and I'm excited for our little one to have someone to play with!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you entitled?

Do you wait too long in the grocery line? Is Customer Service serving you enough? Do people treat you badly?

Self-entitlement has been on my mind a lot lately. One Sunday a Sunday School teacher pointed out how much the world has the attitude entitlement, and maybe not so much on self-reliance. Since then, I see it everywhere.

Like the guy at Wal-mart, who was banned from the property and nearly arrested, because he refused to show his receipt when asked. Why did he refuse? good question, he hadn't stolen anything or even done anything wrong, he simply felt he should not have to do it, and would not.

Or even the time I missed a payment and wanted the late fee waived. True story, I wasn't totally aware of when the payment was due, and because of that, I shouldn't have to pay right?...which now, makes no sense.

The story I heard recently, which really made me think, was about a neighborhood somewhere in Utah that had several homes damaged (broken windows, cracks in the siding etc) from an explosion at a refinery nearby. So sad, I know I would be furious, heartbroken... The refinery was up and working now, but the homes weren't fixed. Everyone was mad. I remember one person being interviewed saying "no one has even come by to see how we're doing" again, tragic situation, and I don't mean to downplay the tragedy, I really do feel badly for these frustrated home owners,
BUT when the Teton Dam broke in 1976 and my grandparents home was completely washed away my Grandpa said... "We'll start over. We did it before, we'll do it again." Grandpa was not young at the time, it was hard work, but that is just what he did, started over without complaint.
I want to be like that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's a rumbly in my tummy

And its not because I'm hungry!

Its a boy and he'll be making his appearance on June 8th!

Our boy will be the 12th grandson on the Patterson side, we are thrilled to have tons of cousins for our little guy to play with, including the 4 wonderful girls bringing the grand total to 16! He'll be the first grandchild on Trevor's side of the family and they are excited. Trevor's sister Randi is expecting her first baby just a couple of months after our boy is born, which we are looking forward too. We are so happy to have two little ones so close in age.

The first trimester was pretty easy. I never felt very sick, mostly tired (thus the blog lack) but other than that I've felt great. Second trimester has been great too, I've probably struggled more with crazy emotions (pointless weeping and wicked mood swings) and tiredness again. All of which is a million times worse for Trevor. but he is the best, ever. He's always there when I need a hug and so reassuring when my doubts arise. And so patient when I'm unreasonable. Dad's should win a special award for putting up with moms while they are pregnant. I couldn't ask for a better companion. I'm excited to have his baby and be a family.

The first time I felt him move was during the NCAA National Championship between Alabama and Texas on January 7th. I'm almost 23 weeks, growing more each day and feeling every little squirm. He's getting stronger and kicks me hard enough that its sometimes a tad uncomfortable.

Trevor and I have talked about some names, we have a few we like, but I'm wary to share. It seems everyone has an opinion, and honestly, I don't need to hear all the different ones. Trevor and I will decided for sure once we see his little face and announce it after he's born!