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Our Family

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Collin's Entry

It was June 7th 2010, and I was 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Trevor and I were at the Dr.'s office hoping he'd just send us right over to the hospital to get this show on the road. I was tired, physically, mentally and emotionally and I was ready to be done being pregnant. (I really struggled having to listen to everyone's comments about my body, like "you look huge" or "you're still here" all things I'm sure are meant with good intentions, but I just found annoying and discouraging. I have to say, my friend Jessica always had uplifting things to say, like "you are so cute!" or "I'm so excited for you!" much better route to take with a grumpy pregnant woman, but I digress...Our Dr. informed us that Logan Regional Hospital has a policy, no inductions for first time pregnancy's before 41 weeks without a medical reason. I tried my best to have high blood pressure, or something but alas I was fit as a fiddle and we would simply have to wait until this baby was ready to come. so we scheduled an induction for a week later and set out to wait...

After work I came home and settled on the couch, like normal and waited for Trevor while I rested. At about 7:30 I figured Trevor was close to home and I should get some dinner started, so I got my large body off the couch and headed for a quick trip to the bathroom. Just before I got there, my water broke. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened. The nurse told us, very few women actually have the water break on their own so I was a little shocked. Once I convinced myself that was indeed my water, I got to my phone and called Trevor. Fortunately he was close, just coming through the canyon, I think my exact words were, "You might want to hurry, I think my water just broke." To which he replied "...are you serious? OK, I'll be there in a minute."

I felt calm. I think I was still in shock, or maybe just preparing myself for the unknown. I gathered the last few items we need for our bag and waited for Trevor to come get me. Thirty minutes later we were on our way to the hospital. My friend Lacy, who was due less than a week after me sent me a text asking how my Dr. appointment that morning had gone, I told her it went well, but we were on our way to the hospital right now. My sister-in-law called me and told me she had been thinking about me and just wanted to see how I was doing. I love that they were both so on the ball and knew I was going to have that baby soon!

I wasn't having contractions, so the started me on Pitocin a few hours after we got all checked in and hooked up. Around 11:3o or 12 I started to feel them, but they weren't too bad. We had to turn the Pitocin up quite a bit before they got good and hard and by 2 am I was ready for my epidural. In my opinion the labor part wasn't too bad, because I didn't have to deal with it for that long. We watched a movie, Trevor caught a few zzz, but I didn't because the nurses were coming in a lot to check on me.

I wasn't progressing very quickly so it took until 11:45 the next morning before we were ready to start pushing. At 2:30 we were still pushing. I was exhausted, I hadn't slept in over 24 hours. Collin was posterior (facing up), but not even totally straight up. He never got very low, he just wasn't making it down through my hips. Finally Dr. Fowers came in and we talked about our options. He said we could try a forceps delivery but because Collin was still so high it was kind of risky and would probably do a lot of damage to my body and a c-section would probably be better. I was so ready to be done, and quickly agreed to the last option.

I can't believe how quickly the room filled with people once Dr. Fowers said c-section. Extra Dr's and nurses. My epidural was cranked up and I was numb from my arms down, but 30 mins later Collin was out.

A c-section is a strange sensation. Collin was wedged in my hips so there was a lot of tugging and pulling and then a wonderful lack of pressure. I could hear Collin squawking is the best word for it, I remember thinking, there's a baby over there. When the Dr. showed him to me I thought "That's a monster" I was really out of it for the next day or so. I'm sure it was complete exhaustion and an overdose of medication and who knows what else. I kept throwing up, and I couldn't sleep...it was a long couple of days, but I got better and Collin did well, and a few days later, the Dr.'s let us come home where my mom was waiting to take care of us. We miss you mom!

We are still doing well, settling into a routine and just enjoying being parents.


*LaUrA* said...

Congrats on getting him safe and sound...no matter what method! You got a double dose! Those big babies are hard to push out...we had to vacuum Carter out and if he was any bigger I would have been in surgery as well.

He sure is cute and I think he looks just like his momma! Can't wait to see more pictures and follow along as he grows.

Hope you are getting some rest. The first few months post-partum are a doosy. I had a heck of a time so I hope it goes way smoother for you! Don't be afraid to ask for help! There are always people around anxious to hold a baby so you can get some rest.

Sending best wishes for a smooth recovery and settling into a great routine.

Jenete said...

I am so glad he got here safe and healthy and that you are doing okay...well as okay as can be after having a c-section:) I like Laura had a rough post-partum too my issue was not asking for help I had a hard time letting non-family members hold Klaus and I had a terrible hormone imbalance with breast-feeding the first few months. Now I know that there are resources for post-partum and hotlines you can call to talk to a nurse at the wee hours of the night. But nothing is as good as having your mother there. I needed my mom twice and would have had her come a third time if flying wasn't soo expensive. Best luck with your recovery and getting into a routine:)

julie said...

Ugh, after that long drawn out labor I feel terrible that you had to throw up after that!! That's supposed to be relief time! I hate throwing up. A lot. So sorry! At least hopefully now you're getting some rest! So he was born on his due date right? So was Finn. Neat!

And yes, I agree with Laura..I think he has your eyes..right?

Amanda and Steve said...

"That's a monster" hahaha, that made me laugh! Congrats on your beautiful boy! I think he looks a lot like you!

SJ said...

As a woman with one month to go,that story is horrifying!(Oh and I know exactly what you mean about the huge comments.) I cannot imagine pushing for 3 hours. Glad you are both doing well after such a tough experience. He is precious and will definitely prove to be worth the trouble I'm sure. :)

Amy said...

I totally cracked up laughing at the "That's a monster" comment. I hope that's not insensitive. Medication and exhaustion, not to mention labor certainly do take a huge toll on the Mama's thought processes! But I'm so glad he arrived safe and you are all settling into your new roles as a family of three!

Juli said...

Ashlee, your baby is so beautiful. It was so good to see you. I miss you.