Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 27, 2012

About a Girl...

Before Collin was born, I didn't care what the gender of our child was.  I thought having a boy first would be great because everyone should have a big brother.  I love mine, he's always done a good job taking care of me and helping me when I needed him.  Trevor is a great big brother, I'm sure his younger siblings will testify to his enthusiastic involvement. :) Every girl needs a big brother.

I really enjoy Collin.  I love his snuggles and slobbery kisses and his little arms that give big hugs.  I love that he is mine, and I'm his mom.  I love that every inch of him is boy and I just want a million more.  I also love the relationship Collin and Trevor have developed. Trevor tosses him around and wrestles with him and Collin loves it.  Trevor teaches him to be strong and kind and respectful in a way I'm sure only a dad can. While I'm sad everyday about how quickly he's growing, and that these moments are soon to be gone forever, I'm so excited to see him grow up.  I know he's going to be a great man and I'm excited to help him get there. As we've started to think of adding to our family I found myself terrified of having a girl.  I know boys, I love boys and I want more! (I'm laughing at myself writing this because my friend expressed similar feelings before the birth of her daughter and I remember thinking that was a silly thing to think.  Anna, I totally get it now.)

Baby #2 is on the way.  She'll be here in August.  I say she with 95% certainty.  We've done 3 ultra sounds and each time the answer is the same "I think its a girl, but I can't get a very good look" When we first started talking with Collin about a baby we asked Collin if he wants a baby boy or baby girl he said baby girl.  When I asked him, don't you want a baby boy, he adamantly refused.  No matter how we ask, he says girl every time. So we're assuming its a girl and we're proud that she is fighting to keep her mystery at such a young age.  Hopefully its a sign of her future lady-like behavior.  Trevor is already telling Collin how he's going to have to look out for his sister and make sure ALL the guys know to stay away.  Collin listens intently and I'm sure he'll be ready to spring into action as soon as needed.

Despite my hesitations of having a girl, I find myself excited and really anxious for her to get here.  I can feel her sweet spirit even now and can't wait for her to join our family and make it that much more complete.

FYI My sister and her husband are expecting their first daughter the same day we are, and Trevor's sister and her husband are expecting their second daughter just two months prior to us.  We are so excited for them as well.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A trip to the valley

We figured since Trevor's work is getting really busy, we had better make a trip to visit family now.  We left on Wednesday and didn't come back until last night. We had such a good time, and didn't want to leave, but the real world was calling so we had to go...

While we were there we spent lots of time outside playing in the sun, watching Travis baseball games, and looking after the animals.  Collin especially loved riding the horses.  He was not the least bit afraid it is a natural horseman like his dad.  But the end of his ride, he was not only sitting alone in the saddle, (in fact when I got on with him he started to cry and said "MOVE!") but he was so comfortable he was holding on with just one hand!  It was so cute and fun to watch.

Those are about the only pictures we got, since we didn't bring out camera.  Thanks to Grandpa Holden for always being prepared!