Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So Much

I have had almost no desire to blog since my last update. Nor have a really kept up on anyone else blogs.  I suppose I've been too busy with life to even worry about it.  I'm not sure I could even come close to all the things we've done since September, but I suppose I will try with a picture over load.

we blessed this sweet girl
Family pictures early Sept.
Collin with Uncle Travis, now on his mission in Washington
a lot of her hair has fallen out since this picture, and it has lost all its curl :(

football game, it was COLD, can you see Anistan?
Lagoon, I opted out of the wet rides, it wasn't THAT warm
I picked up a new hobby, tatting.  This is my first project, a snowflake, now decorating my parents apartment in Puerto Rico
I should explain here about my parents mission. My parents have been planning to serve a mission for some time but decided to wait until the birth of their two granddaughters in the late summer, Anistan and Alyssa.  They submitted their papers, waited a very long time for their call, received a call to the San Juan Puerto Rico mission.  They had only 3 weeks to get everything together and report to the MTC.  We miss them like crazy, but we're so happy they get to be missionaries.

starting to smile
sibling love 
Halloween, a soldier (see my awesome new piano in the background,  electric, but O so cool. PS that wall is no longer orange, but green I'll try to post about that later)
a grumpy skeleton
shooting and playing in the rocks

still shooting, it was a great sunset
I have really enjoyed being the mom of these two sweet kids.  Its actually been easier than I expected.  We are busy making Christmas preparations and are planning on spending our first Christmas with just our little family and I am SO excited to start our own traditions.  I've finally started decorating our house (I know its about time) and I'm having a fun time picking out colors and finding pictures and decorations.  I bet someday I'll get it posted...