Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Small things...

Do you see that tiny red dot on Trevor's hand?

Do you see this 1 inch brad?

That brad, went in that hole in Trevor's hand.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Trevor and I spent Thanksgiving with his family in Colorado. If any of you haven't gathered that Trevor is a farmer, I'll provide a list of the activities. First, we went horse back riding. Trevor has two horses, Reba and Mac. Reba used to be really ornery and no one could ride her but Trevor. Now she is too old to be fussy, and I think she sensed that Trevor loves me, she was nice and I was able to ride her, while Trevor rode the feisty, Pepi.

Trevor's sister's horse Diamond, had a colt a few months ago, we believe the father is Mac, so I guess that makes me a grandma? When we were done riding the horses, Trevor helped his dad halter break the colt. Trevor is REALLY good with horses, what normally would take a day or more, Trevor had done in 20 minutes. It was really neat to see.The next day we went to Trevor's uncle's house to brand the new calves. I didn't get any good pictures of that, just a few of cow back sides which I'll spare you all. The one biggest thing about branding was STINKY!!! Burnt hair always smells bad, but add the aroma of cow, with just a touch of smoldering flesh. I think you get the picture.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Trevor let me cut his hair. It was really long, really being a relative term, because I'm sure it could have been longer. But here is one small handful of what I got off his head.Ah! doesn't he look cute?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Paul Bunyon

Does anyone know who I'm talking about? I know my family will. Paul Bunyon, (the roll my husband has taken) The strangely large woodsman with a double blade ax and a big blue ox named babe. (a red 83 Chevy in this case)Trevor has taken on the side job of chopping and selling firewood. We spend every weekend and some evenings in the mountains getting logs to saw and chop. And still aren't keeping up with the orders he is getting. Three of his buddies come up to get a piece of the action to help get more wood.Even I from time to time, put down my book and wield the ax. Of course it takes me about 3-4 swings to any of the boys one, but that makes one less swing they have to do. Sorry, no pictures of that. But I do have a fun video at the very end.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Sometimes I can't believe I'm married. Does that ever ware off? Well even if it never does, I love it, I love being married and I love my husband! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was shining, it was perfectly warm night, zero wind, which those of you from Twin know that is unusual.I love having pictures with my siblings and also with my nieces and nephews. As you can see below, not everyone was happy to be there... Caleb, obviously wants out, and Spencer is behind Dallin holding onto Grant's shirt he won't run away. Jenna Benson and Abby, just look bored.
It was a lot of fun to see friends and family that I don't get to see too often, and I liked introducing my husband to some of the people who have had a positive influence in my life

For example...(for those of you who don't know, this is my music teacher that was greatly loved, Mr. Smack)

The yard was beautiful! We put twinkle lights up everywhere, it almost had an enchanted feel, especially when if got a little darker. But I think my favorite part of my reception was the cake, I mean come on look at it.Made my none other than myself and it was easy, and fun! And no one thought I could do it!

All in all, I think everyone one had a good time.