Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Drama that caused the Trama

Trevor has slept peacefully for the past several months. Which means I've slept peacefully for the last several months.

Two nights ago, the peace was broken. I have no idea what time it was, but all of a sudden Trevor started shouting, being abruptly woken by the shouting, I wasn't completely coherent myself. I do remember "ITS FALLING, YOU HAVE TO MOVE!" as he braced the "shaking" head board with one hand while attempting to push me out of the way with the other. I tried all my tricks to get him to wake up or realize nothing was falling. But he was insistent and in a very panicked state kept yelling at me to move. Nothing worked. I was seriously scared. I found myself screaming, "Trevor, Trevor!" (I'm sure my panicked scrams really helped the idea of me being in danger in Trevor's mind, if some one was outside they would have thought I was being murdered) I remember holding his face in my hand pleading "Please wake up, please wake up!" on the verge of tears, literally. Which led to discussions like "but this is falling, I'm holding it here with my hand" Eventually Trevor woke enough, and dazed and confused lay on his back, sweating like crazy, panting, with a racing heart. I tried to sooth him, but was so shaken up myself I'm sure I did a bad job. Two other times that night Trevor tried to save me from some mysterious objects, but none quite as dramatic as that first time. The shock of it has barely worn off today, I still feel a little shaken. He remembers laying there sweating, but that's it. He apologized for scaring me in the morning but observed "at least I'm trying to protect you" there's one thing to be grateful for.

Last night, we had to catch the cookies before they fell. I must have failed, because Trevor kept asking me "did you get them? they are right there. Are you going to reach your hand in here and get them...well?" In all fairness, Trevor sensing how traumatized I felt from the night before had offered to sleep on the couch. Maybe I should have taken him up on that.