Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Th eDark Cloud Will Lift

I do not like February. It seems to be a month that is plagued with dreary skies and unfriendly weather.  I've found over the years my mood is greatly influenced by the amount of sunshine my skin sees which typically in February isn't much!  With sunshine, my skin looks better, my hair is fluffier and my step a little lighter. I suppose I shouldn't complain about the weather, this winter has been particularly mild.  It may simply be a mental block I've created that February is dreary, none the less I still don't like it, especially in a leap year, when its a whole day longer.

Hooray for March!  With the new month comes a new hope for warmer days and bright skies to warm my skin down to my very soul.

We haven't been up to much lately.  We've been house hunting, which is difficult in the market we're in.  Homes here are much more expensive than I was planning on and I can't seem to adjust my thoughts to accept that.  We would rent, but there is an extremely limited availability, and it too is very pricey.  That is what has taken up most of our days and nights. I am mentally exhausted when we get home from and few hours of house hunting.  We feel we are close to finding what we want, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Collin is growing like a weed.  Its really exciting to watch him pick up on things and work them into his ever growing vocabulary. I do want to tell him to stop growing and just keep being my baby, but I'm too excited to see what he'll become to really want that.  I'm a horrible picture taker, but I do occasionally get some good ones.  We've taken a few trips the last few months and done some fun things.  All of which I should document a little more, but for now,  here are a few pictures I managed to snap on my phone.

Collin with cousin Paislyn and a BYU basketball game
watching a show, like a big boy 
At a rodeo in Vernal
I think Collin is going to be a musician, be sure enjoys singing and piano playing!
Having a Sobe with Mom in the car, waiting for Dad