Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 14, 2012

too cute

Collin has been really into Thomas the Train (namas tain) as of late, well really any train in general.  Thanks to the magic of netflix we have a whole bunch of shows at our finger tips.  This morning he was watching a show on the big bed I found him practicing the facial expressions he saw the characters making on the show.  It was adorable.



Lately Collin loves helping Trevor take off his shoes and socks when he gets home.  This little boy is growing up fast and picks up on so much!!
Trying to fill Daddy's shoes

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A trip to Twin Falls

The 4th of July was a packed week.  My sister Juli and her family came down from their new home in Alaska to spend some time with the family. Kendra and her husband were sealed, which was the main event. Kendra is just as pregnant as I am, so it was kind of fun having someone around to sympathize with.

Trevor wasn't able to make it, and neither were Spencer and Tom and their families, we missed them a lot but still managed to have some fun. Of course I didn't have a camera most of the time, but I did get a few shots in here and there.

We spent an afternoon at the drops.  This is just a canal outside of Shoshone Idaho.  The cement ends and just feeds into a small river I guess you could call it, and it creates a little rapid that's fun to jump in and ride.  I didn't think I could hang onto Collin well enough so we didn't go, but we did jump in at the end of the rapids and splash around where the current wasn't so strong.

We also had a short camp out at a place near Wendell, called Niagara Springs.  This is a place on the Snake River that has a bunch of boulders.  They are close enough to go "rock hopping" jumping from one to the other trying not to get wet because the water was FREEZING!  We used to go there often when I was a kid, but I haven't been there in years.  We weren't as organized as we normally are when we're camping, but we still had a good time. We just about wore everyone out.

Collin fell fast asleep and took probably the best nap of his life.
Josh and Caleb are best buds when we get together, they were totally exhausted and fell asleep on the drive back to grandma's house, it was just too cute not to take a picture of.  I'm sure they'll thank me some day.
We were also able to celebrate Uncle Jeremy a little too.  He finally finished all his medical stuff and is a full fledged Pediatric Psychiatrist.  Its been a long road, well travelled.  We're proud of how hard he worked, and Becki, Ethan and Mia for sticking by him.  Jeremy's mom rented a bounce house for the kids to play in while the adults got to sit around a visit while eating a whole bunch of really unhealthy food.  It was the best.
Collin inside the Jump Jump!

When the big kids came in Collin came out, but he enjoyed it all the same.

I was sad to have to leave, but Collin and I were anxious to get back to Trevor.  We're probably still recovering a little, but glad we went and glad to be home.

catch up

There is so much to catch up on.  I've been a bad blogger as of late.  I'm going to blame it on being really pregnant!!  So here we go...

Collin is getting to be such a big kid.  He speaks more clearly every day.  Some of my favorite words and phrases are "Hey Mommy, what's up?" and "That's awesome"  He can list a lot of our relatives and is constantly asking for Paisyn (aka Paislyn) Tavis (Travis) Mia, Dosh (Josh) and Emmett.  Honey and Babo and Mama (grandma) are also often requested.  Of course there are trying moments with a 2 year old, but the cute moments out weigh those.

Collin trying on one of Daddy's ties, a favorite pass time as of late.
We moved into our own house.  We were staying on some property that Agri-Service owns.  But as the construction got underway for their new shop we were anxious to get a place of our own. It took forever to find the right house, and even longer to get all the financing together but we finally got the all clear and moved out the same time the company was moving in.  It wasn't easy moving 6.5 months pregnant, and Trevor was busy getting everything in the office up and running.  Thank heavens my mom came and helped, and my sister Becki a few weeks later.  I still have some unpacking and organizing to do, which I get done slowly and everything needs to be painted. I'll get to it eventually, and then I'll post pictures.

As well as a new house Trevor and I decided a little more space would be a wonderful thing and splurged on a King sized bed.  Please excuse the lack of decorating.  I haven't gotten there yet.
The little lady is doing well.  Its funny how different being pregnant is this time vs when I was pregnant with Collin.  She moves differently, and I feel like she is smaller (this might just be wishful thinking, I'm hoping for a smaller baby and a normal delivery vs another c-section.) I feel like my body has a better idea of what's going on this time around.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.

This is a cute picture I just decided to throw in.  Collin and Paislyn are best friends, when we're together they do everything together, include sleep in the car!!
Trevor works hard everyday and is really enjoying his job.  Some days we don't get to see him much, but we're looking forward to when things slow down a little bit.  We're already planning some fun trips when things settle down.