Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Sleepytime mumblings

I must be getting used to Trevor's mid-night ramblings because I don't hear them much anymore. I've had a few lectures here and there such as "I told you, do what you want!" Or the time it was so important that everything had to be said twice, twice. But things have been pretty quiet for the most part. Last night however was a different.

Trevor shot up in bed mumbling something...I talked to him for a minute, but eventually just said, "you can lay down now" to which he replied, "but I have to find the brush!" It seemed very urgent so I let it be. He reached down to the foot of the bed and started feeling around, over, under the comforter between my feet, after a few minutes he said "huh, I can't find it" and returned to bed. At some point he sat up shouting about buns. Trevor often starts shouting in his sleep to which I usually rub his back and say sh sh sh, just like he were going to wake up the non-existent child we have, but last night I think I feel back asleep mid sh.

At my family reunion a few weeks ago, my family slept together in a cabin and my sister asked Trevor to please talk in his sleep. Since she asked so nicely, Trevor just had to start yelling "Yes, NO." I got to him pretty quick and quieted him up, but I still think he woke the whole cabin.

Just on a side note, I need to dish out some congrats to the scores of friends who have birthed or will be birthing the the months to come, Anna S., Jill, Ashley, Fallon, Lisa, Dixie, Anna P., Amy, Ginger, Emily, April, Jamie, Ashlee, Shauna, Jen, Aria, Bethany, Jenete and Amanda, if anyone else wants to be added onto the list, let me know... I wish you all the best with your new bundles of joy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rain Rain go away

" I thought we lived in Logan, UT, not Seattle WA" a common phrase around here these days!

Its rained nearly everyday for about 2.5 weeks. Everything is drowning, my garden, the farmers hay, and some of the corn. Mentally I feel like its mid February and my skin and mind are desperate for some sunlight! Yesterday was actually decent weather, I along with hoards of neighbors spent a good deal of time walking up and down the street to soak as much fair weather as possible. There are a few positives about the crummy weather. 1. I don't have to go work in the yard, 2. Trevor doesn't have to work in the yard 3. non-guilt about the exorbitant amount of time I spend reading, 4 watching movies snuggled with the honey in a cool living room.

Trevor finally got to meet my dad's extended family last weekend at the good old George Edward Patterson Reunion. Although 10 of my dad's 11 siblings were there, we were missing at least 60 cousins, their spouses and their children. But I suppose when your spread from California to Kingston Ontario Canada, it gets difficult to get everyone together at the same time.

Trevor started his summer academics and is handleing having to sit still for several hours at time well and I'm just working away. All-in-all, all is well. (you try use all that many times in one sentance!)