Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just waiting

My due date is still 12 days away, but the Dr. has agreed to an induction before that date.  He has also declared that I'm far enough progressed that I could go into labor at any moment!  Kind of exciting, but I kind of don't like the waiting.  I'm sure its particularly stressful for my mother who is trying to juggle 2 very pregnant daughters with the same due date and inductions scheduled just one day apart.  Sorry about that Mom!! I'm trying to be patient and let me body decide when to get this show on the road in hopes that another c-section won't be necessary.  Only time will tell.

In the mean time we are just cooling our heels while we wait but I find myself hoping more every day that she'll choose today to come.  Since my belly is particularly large, my pelvis particularly sore, and sleep tends to evade me, Collin and I tend to spend most of our time indoors watching more TV than we should.  Trevor lets us come with him when ever its possible to ride in a tractor or drive out to one of the local farms, which is always a nice break.  We've also made it to a Demolition Derby, and spent plenty of time cheering on the US in the Olympics.  Here's a few picture of the things we've been up to.

At the derby, it sprinkled a little bit at made an awesome rainbow,  this is also my first attempt at using Instagram, still trying to figure it out, but I think it turned out pretty cool!

Because Agri-Service was sponsoring the derby we got to behind the scenes and help by riding in the tractors to get the demolished cars out of the arena.  Collin particularly enjoyed throwing rocks....everywhere. 

Collin is getting very creative in the placement of his toy cars, this is the handle to his booster seat, I'm not sure how many he had in there, but I was impressed.

Probably one of my favorite pictures, we got to ride with Trevor as he raked a field to demo some equipment.  It was a bit bumpy for me, but Collin sure enjoyed it.

We've been getting baby's room together, I just finished the bumper pads and snapped a quick shot to send to my sister, we'll have to take some more when we get everything all tied and finished, I've sure had fun making things for the nursery.

This is the crib where she will sleep for the first few months in our room, also made by me.
In other news Trevor's brother Travis got his mission call to Seattle Washington!  We are so excited for him to get to experience a mission.  He'll be leaving in just 6 short weeks.  Both my brothers have decided to give up the east coast and relocate to Utah, that will make 5 of 7 kids in my family living in Utah.  We're excited to have everyone closer.  Becki, Kendra, Spencer and Tom will be pretty close together, Trevor and I just a few hours away, Kim is still in Twin and the adventurous Robinsons have set up camp in Alaska.  Trevor is really excited to make a trip up north some time for a fun filled visit. My parents are just waiting to hear where they will be serving their mission and I'm sure as soon as we get these babies here and blessed they'll be off to whatever part of the world the Lord sends them!


The Stanford Bunch said...

the bedding is soooo cute! good job! I know how that is waiting waiting hoping for today! And you are hoping for VBAC, totally know how that is as well. Hope everything goes well and SOON!!!

Lisa said...

I love it! I look forward to every one of your updates, and I can't wait to see your little girl. How did I not know that your parents are serving a mission? They will be fantastic.

Emily said...

Lucky girl!

Kimberly said...

What a cute little nursery! Hopefully it will soon be filled!